Lights, Camera, Action!

We LOVE Oronoco Gold Rush.  Why?  Three reasons:

  1. We talk with customers from sun-up to sun-down.
  2. We banter all day long with many of our neighbors.
  3. We always meet someone who has something to teach us.

But this year we had a BRAND NEW experience.  B-B Entertainment stopped by and decided to make us TV stars! 

It started Thursday morning.  During set-up a camera crew started filming us as we unwrapped.  The next thing I knew B-B Entertainment producer Deborah Raguse stopped in to explain that they were filming a new show for the History Channel called “Antique Show: Life on the Road” and asked if we would be interested in being “on the show.”  

Deborah was looking for eccentric dealers, vibrant personalities and a carnival atmosphere.  Of course we volunteered!

The series is intended to be a combination of “American Pickers and Pawn Stars with a show and tell component with antique apprasials.    The host is a man named Mike Kozak of Youngstown, Ohio.  He specializes in stained glass windows and chandeliers — and has traveled the antique circuit for most of his adult life.  

B-B Entertainment stopped by to film us several times during the weekend.  We quickly learned that Mike was a character.   He flew into our booth like a hummingbird and rushed from one display to the next.  He obviously LOVES antiques — and he was pretty excited about our inventory.  I’m not sure if he preferred the Steuben over the RS Prussia — but I know he fell in love with our Nippon!

Mom took a video of them video taping us!  Take a look.

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