Hello Friends, Family and Customers!  You do know that Customers are just Friends we haven’t had the opportunity to talk to enough yet right?  🙂  I was meandering about the Internet recently looking for more information about Moriage – you know, the really cool porcelain made by Geishas in Japan with hand tinted, hand rolled and hand applied beautiful designs?  Well, I ran across a really cool site!

Common Geisha

Common Geisha


You know how many of the dragonware (a subset of moriage) cups have images impressed in the bottom of them that you can see if you hold them up to the light?  Well, this lady named Helen in the UK has been nice enough to put together a site with all the lithopanes she’s been able to find and has them named as well.  The site is .


Serene Geisha

Serene Geisha

So now all of you out there that have cups with lithopanes need to go to this site and identify what you have – then come tell us!  Yes, this includes you guys with the nudes too.  Fess up!  lol  Up until now we’ve just been classifying them as geishas and nudes.  Now we can all specifically identify them!  And if by chance you have one that she doesn’t have, by all means, please take a picture of it and email it to her.  And you know what else?  She has pictures of lithopanes from other countries as well.  I have to admit, I had no idea that other countries did lithopanes too.  See, we all keep learning as we go!  Now to go figure out what we have….

Smiling Geishas

Smiling Geishas



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