Oronoco 2015 – It’s HOT one!


WOW is it ever hot this year!  We’ve had hotter individual days, but never this hot for the whole show!  And despite the heat we’ve still had most of our regular friends show up and visit.  We appreciate you so much and love to see your smiling faces.  And if we are able to help you find a forever treasure, all the better.  Our best suggestion to survive as you browse the show this year is to come early – the show opens at 7am – and shop everything that is on asphalt or concrete first thing.  Then move into the shaded and tree-lined areas as it heats up.  Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and rest along the way!!!  The emergency responders are lovely people but we’d rather you meet them as they serve you food and drink in the fire station, as I’m sure they’d prefer it that way too.


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