Oronoco Eating and Drinking

Ice Cream

Well, my headline is a little misleading since none of us really drink.  But we do hear that the beer garden at the fire station is the place to have a cold one.

As for eating, we do have some definite favorites.  The “Back Alley Eatery” is our favorite place for lunch.  And we absolutely insist that you try their ‘Cutlabobs’.  It’s seasoned pork on a skewer.  Mm-mm good!  They are lovely people and deserve your patronage.  There is an alley just to the west of the fire station.  Follow it south for about 1/2 block and they are grilling and serving from their garage there.

If you like Greek Gyros, there is a place about 2 blocks south of the fire station on the main drag – it is right next to and also run by the Pannekoeken folks.  Each sandwich is a full meal for a hungry normal person and quite tasty.  To me anyway – the rest of the family isn’t so keen on gyros.

For ice cream, it’s the little booth just south of the fire station on the main North/South road through town – about 20 steps.  Their root beer floats are a god-send these hot afternoons.  They also have a couple different flavors of ice cream sandwiches that are also very good – and big!.  And while you are enjoying your ice cream, if you aren’t coming right over to see us, Big Jim’s glass booth is right there against the wall of the fire station, and you never know what you’ll find there – besides a warm greeting from Big Jim himself  or his wonderful wife Becky!

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