Antique Season Is OPEN

Hi Everyone!

Today is the start of our “Antique Season” with our show in the Expo Building at the Dickinson County Fairgrounds.  A whole bunch of old friends stopped by.  And we know of a few more that will be coming tomorrow and Monday too.  We’re excited to see you all!  And those that can’t make it this weekend know that we are thinking of you and miss you.

We also made some new friends!  We dearly hope that you keep stopping by to see us so we can hear more about your collections, the cool things you’ve found, and the adventures that you’ve had.

The show continues tomorrow and Monday, so stop out and see us.



Pie, Pie & More Pie


You gotta LOVE Texas!

Michael and I were going through our pictures and ran across this picture of Dad and I in Round Top last fall.  We’d been driving all day and made it to Royer’s just in time for our 7pm reservation.  Dinner was awesome — But the fun started when we topped it off with the PIE SAMPLER. What’s that you ask?  It’s four, yes I said FOUR slices of pie topped off with ice cream!

Yep, You gotta LOVE Texas!



Time for my every-once-in-awhile update of the website!  🙂  Many of the ‘New!’ items have sold, so I moved them to the ‘Past Treasures’ page.  I also updated the ‘New!’ page with pictures of just some of the new treasures we have found this past fall and winter in preparation for the coming antique season.  Come in, look around, and enjoy!

Tammy’s Knee Surgery

Hi Everyone!

Tammy had her full knee replacement surgery in the middle of October.  It was done as an outpatient.  She hobbled home that day at about 5pm.  Her recovery is going very well!  She has been at or beyond the doctor’s and physical therapist’s expectations at every visit.  She is still cautious/a little unsure going down steps, but going up and everything else is good.  She is SOOO happy to be without pain!  And she is looking forward to having more energy and being back to her normal self for our shows next year.  Thank you EVERYONE for your concern, your prayers and your well wishes.  They mean a lot to us and we appreciate them VERY much.  Have a great Holiday season!

Oronoco 2016 Is Just Around The Corner!

Are you getting ready?  We are!  We have new stuff for you to ooh and aah over, and maybe even some things you might like to take home with you… 😉

So, do you think it will be hotter than blazes this year?  Then bring sunscreen, a sun hat or umbrella, and plenty of water.

Do you think it will be wet?  Then bring an umbrella.

Do you think it will be lovely?  Then bring your good walking shoes and comfortable clothes.

But regardless of the weather, be sure to bring your big smiles and hugs ’cause we will!!

Nine Lives is now on Facebook

We took the plunge and decided to build a Facebook page as well.  Please hop over there when you have a minute or two, take a peek, and let us know what you think.

or put in the search field:  Nine Lives Antiques USA

Be gentle please, we are total newbies at this, but we really are looking for constructive feedback on what we can do to make it better.  Same goes for this website as well.


Yes, finally.  Finally I fixed the website!  You see, I updated the theme of our site this past fall to one I thought would work better for us.  Unfortunately it was even worse.  And after i updated it we got really busy in our personal lives and the next thing we knew the holidays were here.  So recently I was able to carve out some time and find a theme that I believe will meet our needs for awhile.  What do you think?


Oronoco Eating and Drinking

Ice Cream

Well, my headline is a little misleading since none of us really drink.  But we do hear that the beer garden at the fire station is the place to have a cold one.

As for eating, we do have some definite favorites.  The “Back Alley Eatery” is our favorite place for lunch.  And we absolutely insist that you try their ‘Cutlabobs’.  It’s seasoned pork on a skewer.  Mm-mm good!  They are lovely people and deserve your patronage.  There is an alley just to the west of the fire station.  Follow it south for about 1/2 block and they are grilling and serving from their garage there.

If you like Greek Gyros, there is a place about 2 blocks south of the fire station on the main drag – it is right next to and also run by the Pannekoeken folks.  Each sandwich is a full meal for a hungry normal person and quite tasty.  To me anyway – the rest of the family isn’t so keen on gyros.

For ice cream, it’s the little booth just south of the fire station on the main North/South road through town – about 20 steps.  Their root beer floats are a god-send these hot afternoons.  They also have a couple different flavors of ice cream sandwiches that are also very good – and big!.  And while you are enjoying your ice cream, if you aren’t coming right over to see us, Big Jim’s glass booth is right there against the wall of the fire station, and you never know what you’ll find there – besides a warm greeting from Big Jim himself  or his wonderful wife Becky!

Oronoco 2015 – It’s HOT one!


WOW is it ever hot this year!  We’ve had hotter individual days, but never this hot for the whole show!  And despite the heat we’ve still had most of our regular friends show up and visit.  We appreciate you so much and love to see your smiling faces.  And if we are able to help you find a forever treasure, all the better.  Our best suggestion to survive as you browse the show this year is to come early – the show opens at 7am – and shop everything that is on asphalt or concrete first thing.  Then move into the shaded and tree-lined areas as it heats up.  Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and rest along the way!!!  The emergency responders are lovely people but we’d rather you meet them as they serve you food and drink in the fire station, as I’m sure they’d prefer it that way too.