We’re truly blessed with GREAT customers.  About 50% of our business every year comes from repeat customers.  Our customers trust us enough to purchase from us and allow us to source items for them.  Some of our customers even help us tear down at the end of the show!   We can’t thank them enough.

2015-06-20 12.27.14

This is how you celebrate passing the BAR exam – buying a fine piece of RS Prussia!


Affectionately Known As "Our Dragon Lady"

Affectionately Known As
“Our Dragon Lady”


Decisions.... Decisions....



Got to LOVE  Happy Customers!

Got to LOVE
Happy Customers!


Teaching Zoe the Ropes

Teaching Zoe
the Ropes


We got him started collecting Dragonware when he was 7. Yikes. He’s grown a bit since then!








Checking it out in Oronoco


An Agata Cruet going home to Jon










A Family Affair — taking turns choosing pieces of Moriage




Todd with his new piece of Coraline










We love our “Poppy Lady”










Another piece of RS finds a good home!










Terry & Larry







The Howe’s






What’s Your Best Price?

3 thoughts on “Customers

  1. I’ve bought 2 Majolica pieces from you. Can you send me a picture of any pieces you will have at Spirit Lake on Labor Day weekend. On Memorial Day you said you’d bring a few. I appreciate your quality and fair negotiating prices. Thank you so much! Appreciatively- Cindy

    P. S. Please respond ASAP, as I’ll have to make a special trip. Thank you so much! In the future, please send me any pictures of Majolica you find. I love colalt blue!!

  2. Cindy —

    Tried to purchase 2 pieces of Majolica for you this weekend. Both pieces went high — as in over $900! 🙂 Thought that might be out of your price range. I’ll check with Michael and see what he has in his inventory for you!


  3. Greetings, everyone!

    I so love the items I have been blessed to purchase from you this season. I adore the calling card basket, it is my favorite item so far…And, I do appreciate the RS turkey medallion oval tray, both are beautiful pieces. Which I enjoy and appreciate…for years I was only able to admire your collection, but now I have been blessed and am able to own one of a kind pieces. Thank you!

    Take care, Stacy

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