Past Treasures


Below you will find some of the lovely treasures that we’ve helped adopt into new, adoring families.  Please stop by our booth – or drop us a note – to see if we can help find some Forever Treasures for you to adopt!





img_4165 img_4164


A Brown background two-handled Moriage vase and a Green Blenko Decanter – check out the really cool stopper! – SOLD



A full Cobalt Cut-to-Clear Decanter Set – SOLD


A really HUGE Cobalt Cut-to-Clear vase and a much smaller Cobalt Cut-to-Clear basket


Green Loetz Vase 2015 Moriage Vase with Gold 02

Fantastic green Loetz vase with toothed tadpoles on the left, and a two-handled Moriage vase with gilding on the right – SOLD


antique rs cobalt bowl

RS Prussia Cobalt Carnation Mold Bowl SOLD


Dragonware cup and saucer with a rare nude lithopane – SOLD


R.S. Prussia Bud Vase with Bluebirds on the left, and a really neat R.S. Prussia Cream and Sugar set with the Castle scene on the creamer and the Mill scene on the sugar – SOLD


L to R: Really cool two-handled Moriage vase, R.S. Germany Poppy Hatpin Holder, Vaseline Sweet-meat with cranberry lip in a silver-plate holder – SOLD


2015-07-26 11.13.05

This small but GORGEOUS gilded R.S. Prussia footed bowl was so fabulous that we put it on our postcard – SOLD


Above: Very nice cut crystal vase and cut crystal bud vase with unique base complete with stag and leaves – SOLD

Below: Large cut crystal vase and medium cut crystal bowl – SOLD

Four unique Moriage pieces, and a lovely large hand-painted two-handled Royal Bonn vase – SOLD


2015-11-08 14.51.56b 2015-11-08 14.45.56b

Moriage vase with unusual background color, and elegant cranberry bud vase in silver-plate holder – SOLD


2015-11-08 14.51.05b

Small pair of 2-handled Moriage vases – SOLD


2015-11-15 11.24.27b

Large Daisy and Button 2-handled Vaseline tray, early 1800’s – SOLD


2015-11-08 14.52.18b

STUNNING RARE Magenta Moriage! – SOLD

2015-11-08 14.56.06b

Moriage OWL Humidor with Tapestry background – SOLD


2015-11-15 11.29.06b

Early 1800’s table set of Vaseline – SOLD


IMG_2962 IMG_2963 IMG_2964

Check out this recent addition.  This RSP Melon Eaters Tankard is a huge 14″ tall!!! – SOLD


2015 Solo Melon Eater Bud Vase 01 2015 RSP Swan Ewer

Small pieces from the Reinhold Schlegelmilch family of porcelain factories: Bud Vase with single Melon-Eater Boy – SOLD, Ewer with Solo Swan and fancy lip – SOLD.


2015 Various 01

A small variety of items – large vases, Green Bohemian, Moser Dresser Boxes, and Scandinavian Glass – SOLD


2015 Bohemian Squat Vase 2015 Bohemian Tall Vase

Bohemian Vases: Squat (L), Tall (R) – BOTH SOLD


2015 Assortment

Some of the treasures from our Texas Round Top adventures!

Center: Gold Aurene Steuben – SOLD

Back Left: Clear Etched Scandanavian – SOLD

Middle Left: Vaseline – SOLD

Lower Front: Mary Gregory – SOLD

Front Right: Moriage – SOLD


2015 Czech Circle Decanter

Unusual Czech Circle Decanter – only the second one we’ve ever found! – SOLD


2015 Czech

More Czech pieces – SOLD


2015 Dragon Handled Ewer

Dragon-handled Ewer – SOLD


2015 Moriage Moon Vase

Small Moriage ‘Moon’ vase. – SOLD


2015 Moser

Moser vase. – SOLD


Green Loetz  

Green Loetz (Czech) Vase with Flower Frog – SOLD


Nippon Vase

Nippon Vase – SOLD


Limoges Dragon Handle Tankard

Dragon Handle Tankard – SOLD


RS Prussia Swan & Bluebird Bowl

RS Prussia Swan & Bluebird BowlSOLD



20″ Red Bohemian Decanter  SOLD


Victorian Card Holder with Stag Base

Victorian Card Holder
with Stag Base  SOLD


Vaseline Brides Basket

Vaseline Brides Basket  – SOLD


RS Prussia Man in the Mountain Bowl

RS Prussia Man in the Mountain Bowl  – SOLD


RS Prussia Cobalt Melon Easters Bowl

RS Prussia Cobalt
Melon Easters Cake Plate  – SOLD


Limoges Poppy Cache Box

Poppy Cache Box – SOLD


Flygsfors Mini Basket

Flygsfors Mini Basket  – SOLD


Amazing Hexagon Moser Vase

Amazing Hexagon
Moser Vase  SOLD


Vaseline Hobnail Vase

Vaseline Hobnail Vase – SOLD

Pink Seascape Bowl

Pink Seascape Bowl  – SOLD


Moriage Cobalt Tankard  – SOLD



We’ve had some very pretty Tiffany & Steuben Aurene items over the years.  Below are just a few.  We helped all of these find new homes.


5 thoughts on “Past Treasures

  1. As usual, great job on up-dating the website! (Of course I had to re-read all the blogs and look at every picture once again! So many good memories!!!) Saw some of the new pieces you bought that will be at Oronoco–great stuff! I can’t wait to see what you do with the tables this show!


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