Wow! What a Farewell!

After last weekend, the entire family feels humbled and extremely blessed!

  • We UNDERSTOOD that we sent everyone an invitation to our last show.
  • We HOPED that a few people would drop in to say goodbye.
  • AND never in our wildest dreams did we believe that ALL of you would be there!


Even though the show officially opened on Saturday morning at 9am on August 31st — our first forever customer sneaked in around 8:30am.  And from that moment on — it was a non-stop, fun-for-all that included helping folks find their final Nine Lives piece, storytelling, hugs, tears, laughter, wrapping and of course, coffee & cookies.

Forever customers came from Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois and the great state of Iowa.  Some people even changed their Labor Day plans — just to come and join us for a few hours.


What did people take home?

  • Steuben blue & gold Aurene vases
  • RS Prussia — from Schooner cake plates to cobalt bowls & tankards
  • Moser, Loetz & Rindskoff vases, decanters and flower frogs
  •  Nippon & museum-level Moriage
  • Epergnes that dated from 1810 to 1930
  • Old, Old, Old Vaseline pieces
  • Victorian Glass
  • Red Bohemian & Czech Glass
  • American Hand-Painted Porcelian
  • Mid-Century Modern from Flygsfors to Orrefors to Blenko
  • Salts & Cruets
  • And even some Toothpicks, Pin-ups & Christmas from our own private collections!



What did WE take home?  That’s not easy to explain…

Nine Lives Antiques was a business…  It was a business we always wanted to build on relationships.  We wanted to get to know our customers.  We wanted to learn who our customers were, what was important to them and what they loved to collect.  We wanted to move beyond business — to friendships.

And we learned Labor Day weekend — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that Nine Lives Antiques not only has forever customers — Walt & Lois and Michael & Tammy have made forever friends!  And the way that you helped us close this chapter of our lives will forever be stamped on our hearts.


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